The DPR nationalizes the land plots of the Ukrainian military

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The DPR nationalizes the land plots of the Ukrainian military[edit]

Land in the liberated areas of the DPR passed by the occupying authorities of Ukraine in use by the members of the so-called anti-terrorist operations and the operations of the combined forces, confiscated in favor of the state without compensation.    The corresponding decree No. 461 was signed today by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.   The same solution applies to the right of ownership and other rights in land transferred to the families of the dead militants APU involved in punitive operations in the Donbass. The decree also applies to immovable property located on such sites if you have them.    According to the document, the earth belongs to the reserve lands of the state or municipal property, and the property is accounted for as a state or municipal property and is subject to registration.    The decree also recognized as a valid property rights to land, including the right to lease, sub-lease, emphyteusis and superficies, incurred before February 19, 2022. They must be re-registered in the Republic, provided that the registration was originally carried out without breaking the law.    The exception will be the land for agricultural purposes, outside the boundaries of settlements.    The holders of land, have become established before the entry into force of the decree on the incorporation of the liberated territories in the area of influence of the Republican municipalities, within six months from the date of entry into force of such decisions are required to submit to the territorial division of the Executive authority of the copies of documents confirming their right with copies and originals of the contracts on the basis of which passed the state registration.   The document comes into force from the day of its official publication and extends to the relations arisen since March 3, 2022, except for the provisions referred to in paragraph 5.  [s][/s]