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Hellgate: london debuted in 2007 with a lofty setup that was humiliated by the ill-conceived execution. A couple of years later, she went bankrupt, returned as a free mmo, which in reality has not gone away, was born in steam greenlight in 2014, and i do not think that happened and happens only after all this, [logic puzzle] to be honest. It was a real trip. And this is far from the end, since hanbitsoft, which acquired the document for the match a couple of decades ago and remade it for hellgate london: resurrection in south korea, will return the structure to steam in november. The description in the steam blog is slightly distorted, but the new old game is likely to be single (the original was also created primarily for a single game and is to include the hellgate: tokyo video, which was planned for hellgate global, but still did not see the light at all. Undoubtedly, it is a little confusing. Regarding the actual gameplay, hellgate: london is an action rpg of the near future, the action of which takes place in a world captured by demons. It's worth thinking about diablo (and meanwhile, the original developer flagship studios was built around the core of diablo veterans), minus the fact that the whole world is tristram (opens in a fresh tab). Inside it, six types of characters are organized, each with amazing skills, properties and potential customization resources, but also randomized dungeons, quests and items. I hope the campaign from the original release has also returned, however, there is no specific footnote in the steam blog for such a step, which all people need to spend and look through. I can't help but admire the determination to find an audience for hellgate: london, and i kind of understand that, too. It always seemed to me that minecraft, if you give yourself the trouble to polish it and get two good breaks, becomes a really successful series.