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Dr. Surana decided to give himself to fue hair transplant when it was at a fairly nascent stage in india. This is one of the first hair transplant surgeons in india, who works only on the fue hair transplant methodology. He worked as the medical director of the dhi hair transplant department in india from the day of its foundation until the end of 2011.He moved to the states in the twelfth year to work with the doctor antonio armani on the latest fue technology and hair cloning. Dr. Arihant surana was the medical director and key hair transplant surgeon at alviarmani india from 2013 to new year. Under his leadership, alviarmani hair transplant has become the premier hair transplant organization in india. In the current realities, what remains the most senior and exclusive fue hair transplant surgeon in india. His dedication and diligence brought him many laurels throughout the russian federation. His interest in hair transplantation prompted him to work and receive education from recognized specialists around the world. He is the only surgeon in india who has dealt with and researched exclusively fue for [beard transplant cost] the last twelve years.# Fue hair transplant surgeon in india#fue hair transplant#dhi hair transplant in india#the best hair transplant in india #cost of hair transplant in delhi#best hair transplant in delhi ncr#cost of alvi armani hair transplant in india#hair transplant surgeon #dr. Arihant surana / monaris hair clinic -india#dr.