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get a second citizenship[edit]

Most will object that germany prevents dual citizenship, in fact it is extremely. Here's how it turns out:
Children 's:
Children born to german and non-german parents have the citizenship of both parents until their 18th birthday. Between their 18th and 23rd birthdays, they can choose which citizenship to keep. This is optionszwanggesetz or optionsmodellgesetz. (Read: methods of attracting citizenship and dual citizenship in belgium and france).
This also applies to a child born of a naturalized german parent, for example, a kenyan who has received german citizenship, their child is allowed to obtain german citizenship, along with his own kenyan, until their 23rd birthday, by which they were ordered to choose which of the gambling establishments to keep. It's much more convenient for kids.
Update: the law on options has been repealed, and germany has finally allowed dual citizenship for babies to whom german citizenship at birth plus the citizenship of the state of manufacture of dads and moms have access, however, the above is subject to a reservation. (Read: germany allows dual citizenship for toddlers and teenagers, but with a caveat)
In an adult way:
The law governing the acquisition of a new homeland plus german is beibehaltunggesetz (request for the preservation of citizenship). To accept this withdrawal from, it is required to send an application for it regarding the withdrawal of a new citizenship. The whole process will take approximately 90 days.
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