How Do You Measure A Dart Board

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Dartboard height and distance measurements must meet certain requirements. These measurements may not seem that important if you’re setting up your dartboard at home. However, if your board is to be used for competitive play, you’ll want to ensure your measurements lineup correctly.

As darts tend to bounce off the board, avoid mounting the board near the window or any breakable items. People should not stand near or walk between the throw line and the dart board either.

Usually, the height of the dart board for height of dart board standing player from the centre of the bull is 173 cm. But for wheelchair player, the height of the dart board from the centre of the bull is 137 cm.

Steel tip dartboards are made of natural rope fiber called sisal.  The fibers are compressed under pressure and banded together with steel, then bonded to a non-warping backboard.  The surface is then sanded and screenprinted with the intended design.  Finally, dart board dimensions the wires are stapled on the number ring and placed on with clips to allow for dart board set up easy rotation in case of warn areas. 

There aren’t many rules and regulations for playing darts but to play properly you need to know how high the dartboard should be and also how far away you should stand dart distance from the dartboard when throwing your darts.

The idea is to place a cover behind the dartboard to protect the wall. One of the basics to follow would be to put thick mana. This gives more stability to the surface of the dartboard. Everything must be in function of giving it good cushioning and dart board dimensions support.

Feats – Various darting accomplishments. (See ’01 and Cricket Feats)Frozen – A player is FROZEN when his or her score is at one point (two points in "Double Out") and dart board measurements his or her partner’s score is higher than the combined score of their opponent’s. The player may not get his score any lower without losing the game (See Blocked).

Another thing that’s good about the dartboard mats is that they have the Oche (throwing line) marked. If you want to mark the Oche yourself, digital dart boards you will have to follow these guidelines:

He created the first electronic dartboard made of plastic. The plastic was punctured with lots of holes that allowed the darts to activate the circuits in the back to keep score. The world Soft Darts Association serves as the governing body for soft tip darts. They are the ones responsible for setting the soft tip dart board measurements.

As per standard dart measurements,  the distance between the mounted dartboard bullseye and the floor must be about 5feet 8inches. The height can be measured as 1.73 meters or 68 inches. The distance between the dartboard and the throwing line is approximately 7feet- 9-¼ inches. It can be measured as 2.37 meters or 93.25 inches. You can use a piece of tape to mark out the throw line. Finally, the distance from the bullseye to the oche is 9feet 7.5inches. Simple knowledge and concentration will make your dart hit the targets.