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Pony four-dimensional Sarach believes that you can prepare the first battle of the regular season
Beijing August 6th, Andrew Luck, due to the injury of the calf.

Rak's calf injury has already plagued him for 3 months, Cheap nfl Jerseys and the team does not have a timetable to indicate when he can return to training. Although the time schedule is unknown, Lak has not worried. He said that he is not worried about whether it is ready to play the first week of regular season.

"No," Rak is asked if it is worried that it is not ready to participate in the season's first battle. "I certainly believe that I will be ready. This is definitely the goal."

Lak will be 30 years old next month, his calf injury is not as serious as before the shoulder injuries reimbursed before the season. But this injury is still a long-awaited.

Lak will continue to absent the training, the team coach Frank Reike, the team does not know when Rac can get the regression training.

Although the uncertainty of Rock injury plasted with the team, Reck said he would not entangle this thing, because it is meaningless to entangle himself uncontrollable.

"As the former player and the current coach, my instinct is always trusting players," Reick said. "I really don't sleep because of this, when our players are hurt, I will not ask them every 5 minutes. This is what I do. Part of the reason is that I think I have been The player's 14 years of experience ... I know that he is as urgent as anyone. I asked him every 5 minutes. I don't have any use now. "

We know that Rack will not participate in the race of race in Pony against the array of Faro Boles. It seems that he may absent all the presections, and September 8th, a regular season of Los Angeles lightning will be his goal. As long as Rak can return to training before this day and ready to appear, then all concerns now swee out.