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Great lens. Egypt is a true joy to learn about but we still know shockingly little about them. This language profile imposed by the colonizers eventually convinced the people that their language was in fact corrupt and Sexinthewoods.Com inferior system unworthy of true educational status. 1/26/17 - Repeated 1 Time - "We’ve taken sex in the woods tens of thousands of people. "The peculiar thing is that the Romanian people are proud of him."- it’s not peculiar at all! For us, Romanians, he was a hero. Suddenly, you are being told your her "baby", "love", "honey" etc. Once the scammer has developed this sense of love through texts and photos, their real purpose seeps in: money. As an elementary school teacher, I periodically cover Egypt in class, so I love to find interesting bits of information to share with my students. I enjoyed mythology in high school and find this topic and the items very interesting. I enjoyed your light touch with this. I really enjoyed reading this, and learned quite a lot from it as well. Oh My, I really enjoyed reading this Lens.

Nice lens. I like all of the details. Great details about the baboons and the storytelling. Great lens! Thoth was associated with the greek god Hermes (Roman: Mercury). Excellent lens. Just a note that you have a geocities link for Hermes Trismegistos which is no longer working. Obviously you don't have publish this note. What do fake cops, fake doctors, fake cabbies, and fake casting agents all have in common? That was somewhat strange due to the fact that all the other tribes either to the west or to the east, had languages which had nothing sex in the woods common with that of the Romans. She is dead now, due to it. The basis therefor lies in the Bible, Deut 22:5, forthcoming from Roman law and became a norm for psychiatry due to Binet and Jung after they became more religious. Love studying up on the Egyptians - just wish I had more time to do it. I was shocked because I didn't exspect that to happen, so I took it one more time and it gave me a YES again, on the third time i putted the answers that i would never pick, and guess what it said NO. Now my question is WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Thoth may be looking down now on the Internet with amazement of how the world of writing has changed over time. Benedict Cumberbatch who’s been on one of the few sets in the world where filming is still taking place. Have always had a soft spot for this guy, even at one stage used Thoth as my avatar name. As a published author, I thnk that this is one of the range of "intimate" feelings experienced when actually writing a story - and sums up nicely creativity in a nutshell. I like how this refers to the trickery( and perhaps cheekiness) of writing. Thoth is the god of writing who "establishes" things so they aren't lost to oblivion; it's too bad he can't keep webpages from disappearing! I am a man who was sexually assaulted years ago by a person I barely knew, a couple of years went by and I called police to file a case, they told me there was nothing they can do.

Revealing them to a man who had not asked to see them was an especially feminist act. However another way of saying the same thing is 80% of couples who marry met (offline)! We have some of the same books. His teachings are only for happy people, the same as Esther’s and a Course In Miracles. Hopefully you are too. This is how dangerous it can be to raise a child or grandchild in this city, and now it appears they are killing us twenty years later after tearing the hell out of our lives, bodies, health, careers, incomes, etc., as well as targeting my grandchildren. Good stuff here. I would love you to do a lens on Ra as well! My son Alex doesn't just love the Beatles like in our lens, he loves Ancient Egyptian stuff too! I love all this sort of stuff. There is an egyptian museum in San Jose that I love to visit.

Nice insightful lens over the Egyptian god topic. Awesome lens!!!!!! interesting and inspiring. Awesome lens! I love everything related with Egypt. Great lens! My 9 year old loves Ancient Egypt and I cannot wait to show him your lens. I'm fascinated by all things from ancient Egypt. I like reading stories and findings of Ancient history. Intricate history. Thank you for sharing your insights! Love Egyptian Civilization and their mythology.Thanks for sharing. I used to read the Egyptian tarot cards, so this is a great review of Thoth for me. Very educational. I have often wondered about this but was too lazy to read the books. I wihsed I read it months ago! If they ever do see these problems, there is always a reason why it is someone else's fault. The saying women's intution was created for a reason. It's a devilish feeling to create your own world full of messages and surprises. I have been feeling like I am going to lose my mind thinking about this upcoming court date that could possibly take place.