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In case you personal guns / rifles, then one of the important conditions of your license to maintain or bear firearms is the secure method by which they have to be saved. It is essential that you maintain a high stage of safety round your weapons at all times they usually must be locked in a proper gun cabinet. Gun cabinets are usually fitted with specialist excessive safety seven-lever lock mechanisms, generally labelled up as gun cabinet locks. These locks are perfect for gun cabinets as a result of this stage of security is much like that of high safety safes and as such, are designed to be extraordinarily difficult to control, with seven levers to cope with, normally with tight lever gates with little or no tolerance to make sure choosing wouldn't be made easy. Whilst keeping safety in mind, a lock is just as secure as the keys. Ensuring no one else can get hold of your keys is absolutely vital, and we highly suggest using key safes which could be discreetly mounted within the back of a cupboard somewhere to minimise the danger of anybody else getting their hands on the keys. We advocate you change your gun cabinet locks as soon as any problems or operational points develop into obvious. It is your duty to ensure the security of your weapons so you should by no means leave it till the locks fail!